Friday, April 30, 2010

Mystery Gift!

This is the third wedding present we've received in the mail.  The problem with this one is Bed, Bath, and Beyond put the wrong packing slip in the box, we did register for the gift, so lucked out on that one.  I love it, but it was a really nice gift and it would be nice to send a thank you note to someone.  Since, a few people who know about the wedding check this site, let me know if you know the sender, or if you are the sender, so we can give proper thanks!  And, the present is the tea kettle by the way!

Although, I do love our little cast iron skillet Kris and I found at a old shop that was rusted and we restored.

We are enjoying the wedding gift, and I say we, because I make Kris tea too, and have gotten him drinking a lot of tea.  Anyway, the kettle so awesome and will be sure to be a hit at future tea parties, thanks to whomever!  Whoever? Whatever.

Found out who it was, after Kris called Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  It was Rachel and Blake, thanks guys you are awesome!  And, we will miss you at the wedding!  See you in June!


Bill the Girl said...

Ha! That's funny. Mystery is exciting. Skillet! YES! I spent days waiting on a curing process and then I screwed it up the other night. What method did you two use?

kate said...

We scrubbed it really well with an S.O.S. pad, there was still a bit of rust on it. Covered it in Crisco and baked it on 300 for a few hours. It wasn't all the way done, so we covered it in Crisco again and baked it probably 400 for about 3 hours, left it in til the oven was cool and it looked awesome.

kate said...

Oh, and there was a cookie sheet covered in foil underneath to catch the drips.