Sunday, March 29, 2009


Who knew finding the right wedding venue and reception would be so hard? For some reason I feel like I am a lot more picky than other people. Or maybe most people get married in churches and I want an outside wedding in a garden. And, I want a really cool modern venue for a reception but still be romantic, no bows on my chairs please. So, I guess if I were to become a bridezilla it would be about this. I have seen 4 different places, I do have a favorite, but have mixed feelings.

-Cole's Garden was too expensive, but not ruled completely out. They have some really cool gardens.
-The Hamilton Event Center was too small, and overpriced for how small it was. But, for a smaller wedding than ours would make a good reception.
-Castle Falls was too rude, the lady didn't even introduce herself to us. Plus, they have a lot of really weird and strict rules. But, the castle, grounds, and history of the place was really cool.
-The Farmer's Public Market was a little ghetto on the outside, but really awesome on the inside, and the customer service was amazing.

I have noticed that so far most wedding venues are located in ghetto areas, some of them just hide it better than others.

Next on the list to see are the Myriad Botanical Gardens and the Skirvin, and then perhaps some places in Guthrie. Sigh, this is hard. I just have too high of expectations I suppose.

Friday, March 27, 2009


So, I haven't been doing any art unless you count rearranging books at work as art. But, there have been some exciting things to happen in my life lately. So, maybe it is time for me to change my blog into something else, so that I might actually use it.

A month ago on Friday the 13th, I was planning on going to a lovely dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate Valentine's Day early. His birthday is February 15th, so we had a planned a party for him on Valentine's night. He had made reservations at Boulevard Steakhouse, and when we got there we had to wait at the bar for a table, which is one my biggest pet peeves at restaurants. The point of a reservation is to not have to wait, at least in my opinion. Then when we were finally to be seated, the lady led us through the whole restaurant even through the lounge area, and said to Kris, "didn't you say non-smoking?" Since, I have asthma I like to know ahead of time if I am going to be around smoking. His response was, "things are about to get interesting."

So, we get to our room, which is a back room in the restaurant, and I see Ande first, then my sister, and my mom, and Tony, and all of Kris' close family and friends. And, I think in my head, Oh my God, he is going to propose to me. Then I think, maybe he's not, maybe he's not. And then he picks up a champagne glass hands it to me and picks one up himself. And, I think, Oh my God he is. He proposes, I can't even really remember what he said, I just started crying and couldn't see the ring, and I shook my head yes, and said yes. And, everyone was hugging me, and I was in shock and couldn't even look at the menu for about 10 minutes. It was perfect, and crazy, and I love him. I had no idea, he had it planned since the beginning of the year and everyone knew, but me.

But, now comes the wedding planning, so, maybe for the time this will be a wedding planning blog.

Before Kris I was always the girl who looked at wedding magazines in disdain, and thought I would get married later in life. But, being with Kris made me want to get married and do all those stupid things other girls do, and look at pretty wedding things, gross. And, it was embarrassing, but here I am planning a wedding, and enjoying it, mostly.