Monday, April 26, 2010


New obsession...wigs.  Some of my bridesmaids and I went wig shopping on Saturday for the bachelorette party.  We went to Cee & Cee Wigs to buy them.  Cue hallelujah music...  It was so much fun and they had way too many to choose from.  I went in with the sole purpose of buying a hot pink wig and came out with this! Pixie cut, black, with purple streaks!

Actually, we all came back with something really different that what we had planned on.

What happens is, you buy a wig cap for $1, then go pick out the wigs you want, and tada, magic, transformed!  We all decided to go for something really different that our normal hair.

Ande and I decided to wear ours to the Norman Music Festival, and we also decided that we need more!  More wigs for girls nights, and fun times. 

Plus, they were only $30 average!  And, it was a lot of fun trying all of them on with the girls.

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