Friday, April 30, 2010

Mystery Gift!

This is the third wedding present we've received in the mail.  The problem with this one is Bed, Bath, and Beyond put the wrong packing slip in the box, we did register for the gift, so lucked out on that one.  I love it, but it was a really nice gift and it would be nice to send a thank you note to someone.  Since, a few people who know about the wedding check this site, let me know if you know the sender, or if you are the sender, so we can give proper thanks!  And, the present is the tea kettle by the way!

Although, I do love our little cast iron skillet Kris and I found at a old shop that was rusted and we restored.

We are enjoying the wedding gift, and I say we, because I make Kris tea too, and have gotten him drinking a lot of tea.  Anyway, the kettle so awesome and will be sure to be a hit at future tea parties, thanks to whomever!  Whoever? Whatever.

Found out who it was, after Kris called Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  It was Rachel and Blake, thanks guys you are awesome!  And, we will miss you at the wedding!  See you in June!

Monday, April 26, 2010


New obsession...wigs.  Some of my bridesmaids and I went wig shopping on Saturday for the bachelorette party.  We went to Cee & Cee Wigs to buy them.  Cue hallelujah music...  It was so much fun and they had way too many to choose from.  I went in with the sole purpose of buying a hot pink wig and came out with this! Pixie cut, black, with purple streaks!

Actually, we all came back with something really different that what we had planned on.

What happens is, you buy a wig cap for $1, then go pick out the wigs you want, and tada, magic, transformed!  We all decided to go for something really different that our normal hair.

Ande and I decided to wear ours to the Norman Music Festival, and we also decided that we need more!  More wigs for girls nights, and fun times. 

Plus, they were only $30 average!  And, it was a lot of fun trying all of them on with the girls.

Monday, April 05, 2010


I think I have a shopping problem and the problem is dresses, dresses, dresses.  I love dresses, I can't help but buy dresses, often and in plural.  Though, on my list of dresses needed for the wedding, I need no more.  I have to stop.  I like to buy shoes too, but dresses more.  Dresses make me feel so pretty and feminine, or hot and saucy, or fancy and schmancy.

Wedding Dress...check.
Rehearsal Dinner Dress...check.
Dress I might want to change into before the wedding is over and all the old people have left/fancy dinner honeymoon dress...check.

Sorry fans, no picture of the wedding dress, Kris might see it.

You are more than welcome to go to the designer's website and try to guess which dress is mine...

My rehearsal dress has a back of all lace and has an exposed zipper down the back.

But, my "too many words" dress, is amazing, I LOVE IT.  So, Fancy and pretty.

(There might be something seriously wrong with me.)

Oh, and the wedding is 54 days away!!!!