Friday, February 19, 2010

How would you like your steak?

So, I had this really weird dream that I was at a restaurant and ordered a steak medium-rare.  They brought me a rare steak, so I had them take it back.  When they brought it back, the same small rare steak was there, but there was a giant even rarer steak on top of the other one.  And, the waiter proudly claimed that it was perfect they just barely touched it on the grill both sides.  Like tuna.  So, I sent the steak back again, saying MEDIUM-RARE, or even medium.  When the steak came back for the third time, it was well-done.  I have no idea what this means.  I looked up meat meanings, but rare and well-done have opposite meanings.
On a completely different note, and on to what this blog is supposed to be about.


Went to the florist, yikes! Flowers are expensive, but gorgeous.  So, I guess I get to throw some figures at my Mom.  Good thing the groom's side is supposed to pay for mine and the corsages...traditionally.  I've decided I want a pink hand tied garden rose bouquet.  And, the bridesmaids will have pink roses and pink ranuculus with green in the middle.  And, maybe green mum pomanders for the flower girls, or baskets which are $10 cheaper...

Also, last night I booked our flights to Sacramento, and got a rental car!  We are going to take the long route to Healdsburg, but the less trafficky way.  My friend's brother goes to wine country all the time, recommended this, and I researched on the internet, 'tis true.  Today, I called the B&B Camellia Inn, and reserved our room for under a $200 a night!  Which, is really good in Wine Country.  Its the cheapest I found, plus they have wine and cheese in the afternoon and breakfast in the morning.  Definitely more my style, than Kris', but Kris' style was $400 a night, so too bad.  There's that, the scary part is, I put it all on my credit card, which will hopefully get paid off in 3 months, yikes!

I also ordered my bridesmaid gifts...
I have ordered my invitations!
And, I have my dress, altered and everything.

Left on the list...

Cheesy slideshow
picking out some music both ceremony and reception

is that it? hmm...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

it itches

So today I finally, emphasis on finally, went to the dermatologist for my reoccurring rash that started about 2 years ago and comes and goes very sporadically.  Turns out I have a form of eczema called atopic dermatitis, which is related to the asthma I've had forever.  I feel like this is a funny thing to learn at the age of 25.  I was thinking that I was allergic to something in the soap or bath oils, because I have sensitive skin.  Nope, I'm allergic to life.  Well, when my skin gets too dry it will flair up.  I'm on a strict regime of no more awesome hot showers/baths, nice warm showers are prescribed.  And, I have to take lukewarm baths at night and apply some anti-inflammatory cream to my whole backside and legs.  I know I should have been lotioning up after showers before this, but I'm a little lazy.  So, no more lazy.  I also sheepishly had to admit I haven't been to a doctor about this until now, as the doctor gave the eye.  Whoops.  I don't even have a regular doctor, please don't hate me doctors of the world, though I should probably get of those soon too.

On a lighter note, Strawberry got an overhaul.  She is now Strawberry 2.0 with clean teeth, rabies vacc, fur cut and bathed.  And, and new wardrobe.  So, enjoy.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ring, ring

Kris and I went by to talk to the guy who made my ring and see if we can get the wedding band started.   Since the engagement ring was custom made the band will have to be custom made as well.  We also looked at rings for Kris and he decided on a brushed titanium ring coming in at a whopping $68.   So, that is on order as well.  The only thing was the guy who made my ring wasn't there so we'll have to go back.  Also, we have the gold left over from Kris' mom's ring, and I'm thinking about turning that into a plain gold band, so I have a ring to wear in art class.  I'll have to post a picture of my ring later.  But, this is basically what Kris' ring will look like.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A dress in the closet

My cousin Stacey was not going to be able to be a bridesmaid, so I called Bella Rose to cancel.  They tried to get the dress canceled, but to no avail because it was already in production.  So, I paid for and am getting a size 4 dress whether I like it or not. I've decided, that instead of having a dress just sitting in my closet the day of the wedding, to call my cousin back and asked her to be back in the wedding.  And, my Mom said she would pay for her shoes.  Thanks, Mom!