Tuesday, May 26, 2009

wedding website

So, besides this fabulous blog I have created a wedding website for good measure at that fancy place called theknot.com if you are interested.

Kate and Kris

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Honeymoon and dresses, dresses, onto dresses

We had been discussing many different options for the honeymoon that we both liked from different cruises including a European cruise, which would be awesome but too expensive, to Maui. Kris really isn't a beach person though, and me being super pale and anti-tanning am pretty okay with that. We haven't booked anything yet, but we did decided where we wanted to go officially. California Wine Country, Northern Sonoma County, here we come, in less than a year. It's perfect for us really, since we are both wine lovers and met at the liquor store. I have narrowed down the city and some of the places that we could possibly stay. I want to stay in Healdsburg because is located near a few awesome vineyards and within walking distance of the city you can visit all sorts of little shops.

Some possibilities for hotel or B & B are...
Les Mars Hotel This one is the most expensive, but really nice
Madrona Manor I like this one a lot, just look at the outside
Camelia Inn This is one of the cheaper ones, and adorable, I love the atmosphere
Hotel Healdsburg This one would be Kris' favorite because of its modern flair, I would enjoy the spa
Honor Mansion This one is really expensive as well, and awesome

I'm leaning towards staying a couple nights at one and a couple at the other for the week. And I like Camelia, Madrona, and Hotel Healdsburg the best.
On dresses, I finally made some appointments for next Wed, which should please my sister since she has been bugging me about it since we got engaged. Though, I will admit, I'm really excited as well. I'll keep you posted on what happens next Wed. And, onto the catering!

I am lucky to know some amazing people who are helping to keep my costs down, and its one less thing to have out of the way.

-Kris has a friend who will be the DJ
-My sister is going to the photographer and Maid of Honor, with assistance
-My sister's friend makes amazing cakes, and will make mine, which I want to be modern and simple

Friday, May 08, 2009

the date

We have a date!!!! April 3, 2010. We signed the ceremony date with Myriad Gardens at the Water Stage. And, we are leaning towards having the reception there as well. Then having an after party at the Renaissance Marriott Hotel downtown, for all of us youngsters who still want to party and hang out. The people staying at the Renaissance could literally walk to the wedding since it is two blocks away. At least, one thing is down, now we just need to make the reception final and then catering and the dress that everyone keeps bugging me about! Until the next news...