Saturday, August 29, 2009


So far people like the shoes with the peeptoe.  And, since they are the most comfortable, I will keep those hidden for a while.

And, I think we are going to go the cheaper and more environmentally friendly route and have people RSVP on a website.  I changed from to since the website now matches what I think the invitations will look like.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shoes and more

Okay, so I'm working on the save the date ideas and Kris and I were thinking about using one of my paintings, and I like the idea of magnets so we'll see. Even though we are not using the color orange, this painting holds significance. Before Kris and I had met, I had this painting in an art show and told him about the show. He went fearing the worst and hoping that I wouldn't be some crazy artist who paints pregnant ladies with fish in their bellies...oh wait I am... And, this is the painting he saw, phew.
On a different note...
I really need to set a date with a florist just to throw my ideas out there.

And onto shoes... I want to do the blue shoe thing, and when I was ordering boots the other day for my Halloween costume (which is awesome by the way,) here is a hint...I came across two cheap blue pairs and of course bought them both. I'm not sure they are what I am wanting, but truth is I don't really care that much about my shoes. Out of the two pairsI like the ones on the left better, but they are not as comfortable as the ones on the right. So, I'll probably save the ones on the left in case I can't find anything better and wear the ones on the right the next time I go out! My one reader, Bellagio, what do you think? I would put a photo of my dress up here, I'm pretty sure Kris doesn't read this, but in the off-hand chance he might one day I won't. A little tradition never hurt anybody.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Initial Meeting at Coles Garden

So, we had our initial meeting at Coles Garden to see what we had done and whatnot.
Here's how the meeting went...

her-"Our minister..."
me-"We're not going to use your minister."
her-"Our ceremony music..."
me-"We're not going to use your ceremony music."
her-"Our baker..."
me-"We're bringing in our own baker for the cake."
her-"Our DJ..."
me-"We're not going to use your DJ."
her-"Well, we changed our policy and we no longer allow outside DJs."
me-"Well, you told us we could have our own DJ."
her-"Oh yeah, I guess there is a note here saying that. We changed the policy that day because we had an outside DJ do a wedding and it was awful and reflected poorly on us."
me-"Well, I talk to Kris."

I do feel like I'm kinda being a Bridezilla, but I also feel like I'm not asking for much, and its our wedding so if we want to pay extra to bring in all our own things, I think they should let us. It's our choice not theirs. And, the wedding should reflect us not them.

-We know a DJ, who is Kris' good friend. And, he has done weddings before
-My sister is going to do the photography for basically free. With the help of an assistant since she is also one of the maids of honor. FrannieandCakePhotography.
-My sister's friend is a really awesome cook and baker, so she will make our cake. Plus who really remembers the cake anyway, unless its really bad or really good?
-Kris knows a lot of musicians so hopefully one will be willing to play some acoustic guitar at the ceremony, instead of their lame keyboardist, who I heard was really cheesy.
-And, we're going to use the same judge who married my Mom and Stepdad, who is a friend of the family.
-We also want to bring in specialty cheeses from Forward Foods, and I had to fight for that as well even though they already told me they'd let me do it.

I guess to get what you want in a weddings its worth fighting for, but really annoying.

Still need to get on the ball with...
-and talk to all of the people we know above again.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Post Wedding

The trip was a lot of fun. Not a big fan of Virginia though, everything seemed like a big hassle and the traffic was awful and kind of ghetto. Where we stayed it was really nice though and it was really fun getting to see everyone. The wedding was for one of Kris' high school friends. The wedding was really sweet and the dj let me get my shout on.I do know that at my wedding I definitely want all of that cheesy crappy wedding music played, like Shout and the Electric Slide and the Hokey Pokey, heck yes, bring those on. You only get to dance to them once in a wedding dress!
I love Kris' friends though, when I met them I knew I wanted them to be my friends forever too.

I did take home a pretty awful souvenir in the form of a sunburn from Virgina Beach. The beach was a lot of fun, thanks to Angela for giving us directions to a good one! All in all, it was a blast! Oh, and I spent too much money. OH well!