Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paint, paint, paint.

I went by t, an urban tea house, and talked to the owner about putting up some art pieces.  Turns out one of the artists coming up doesn't have enough work for his show, he only has enough to fill half the space.  It's super short notice, but I'm definitely going to jump on it.  Keep your calendars open for August 20th!  And, I will be painting my ass of until then.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Now, that I don't have a wedding consuming my life, and that I have decided I hate my job, I have started painting again, for me.  Though, I'm very grateful I have a job with benefits, its just "the needs of the business are changing," and I'm not as happy there as I once was.  I'm going to still work hard and do my best when I'm there, since I do have morals, I just won't like it as much as I used to.  Plus, I only have one more year there anyway.

Back to the paintings.  I've decided to do a series based of one of my paintings from years ago, and work towards getting about 8 done for a show of some sort.  Maybe, at this local tea shop in town.  Cross your fingers. 

All of them are going to be in this style, very simple, with white backgrounds, and different types of goldfish.

Here's the one I'm working on now, sorry about the quality, I took the photo on my phone.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Photos

We had two wedding photographers. 

 One was my sister and one of the maids of honor, April Sexton, of Frannie and Cake Photography.

The other was a friend of ours, Ashley Culp, of The Red Couch Studio.

They both have very different styles, but I was very happy with what they did.  Thanks, Ladies!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I really need to get on with my life and get out of the Barnes and Noble black hole.  Its safe, I like the people, and its a job with benefits even though the pay isn't the greatest.  I need to get on with my life.  A total stranger came up to me in the newsstand and asked me if I was the organizer, and I said yes.  He then asked what my major was, and I told him, and asked if I was out of school and I said yes.  I told him I wanted to be an art teacher and he encouraged me to do so.  Sometimes, I think I just need to be reminded of my dream.  And, that reminder can come from an old man at Barnes and Noble, he also told me to not get complacent.  So, here's to moving on.  I just actually have to do it, but going to Barnes and Noble is a good reminder.

Also, The Avett Brothers are playing in OKC again in September, yay!  You have to go this time BJ, it was awesome.