Wednesday, March 31, 2010


59 days until the wedding!!!!! So, excited!

I am getting so excited about our honeymoon.  I'm pretty sure I can vouch for Kris and say the same.  Its getting to the point where if we are going to make reservations for places to eat delicious things, now is the time.  When Camellia Inn emailed me our confirmation, they also emailed me restaurants within walking distance, and other fun things to do.  Kris and I decided that since it is a special occasion, and you only go on your honeymoon once, we are going to go the high-end Cyrus Restaurant, and go all out and get the eight-course meal.  I'm looking forward to getting all dressed up and going there.  If you are interested here are some of the other places I think we will hit up, I'm also looking forward to checking out the farmer's market for some goodies as well.

Barndiva    I'm thinking maybe a brunch here, looks good!
Zin    Pretty sure we'll go to this once just because its named after wine.
Willi's Seafood   This one looks fun, plus you have to get seafood anytime your out of Oklahoma.
Dry Creek Kitchen  
Cena Luna  
Bistro Ralph  

Yesterday my bridesmaid dresses came in!!!! They look really pretty, but now its time for alterations.  I'm not recommending the lady who did my wedding dress since it took her two times to get it right.  I have been looking for a good tailor in the area and Hanna at Alteration Station got great recommendations, so I'm going to take some pants and Stacey's dress there and check her out.

Its coming down to the wire, we still have some little things to do...

This Friday we'll meet with The Sand Plum for some last minute decisions.
On the 9th we're going to Norman for a special Science Friday show, while we are in Norman, we'll go to Cellar Wine & Spirits and get an estimate on beer/wine for the wedding.  And, hit up Forward Foods to decide on some cheese for the wedding.

Kris is finally going to go look at tuxes today too.

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Kate said...

Hey Kate!

There is also a lady in Casady Square off of Penn and Britton who altered a BM dress for me last year. She did a good job and her price was pretty reasonable. Her shop is called Ahn's Tailor and its right next to Essentials, my favorite candle store :)

Good to see you the other day!