Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Oh My God, I don't even know where to start.

I got a letter in the mail the other day that Coles Garden sent saying, sorry they are going into forclosure and will not be able to host our wedding.  Isn't that just amazing!  Our wedding is in 6 months!  We now have 6 months to find a new place which I have realized is impossible since I have called all the alternative places to no avail.


A. Dominion House
B. Chesapeake Boat House
C. Sand Plum
D. Tres Suenos
E. Some Lady's Backyard
F. Oklahoma Heritage Museum

Option A. is the best with E. being the last resort.  Option B. is a little small, but awesome.  C. wouldn't be an outside wedding,  D. would be cool, but it is Oklahoma wine, and F. is a little pricey.  I'm a little stressed and I almost never get stressed out, because I planned this stupid thing a year ago!!  AAAACK.  Okay, breathe.  The Dominion House at least has May 22 open for the moment.  And, I have been to a wedding there, Melanie's, she sent me a message saying they were great, although the backup plan for rain wasn't pretty it was stress free.  And, I imagine they are the same price a stupid Coles Garden.  Well, at least, I hadn't gotten the flowers or the hotel or our honeymoon yet.  Thank God.

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