Friday, October 02, 2009

back from KC and first present

Back from KC.  We had so much fun!  Went the the big art fair they have every year, went to a real farmers market, had some awesome BBQ, and had some great times with friends. 

We also received our first wedding gift off of the registry from our friends Erin and Dan.  Love it, can't wait to use it at my famous Christmas Tea Party.  Thank you also to Martha Stewart, how I love thee as well.  Erin said anyone else registering for a teapot would be ridiculous, but for you, we bought it, ha.

If I won the lottery today I would open up a tea shop, sigh.

Oh, and this is Erin, one of my bridesmaids.

We may have been slightly inebriated at this moment, but she lives in KC so we don't see each other very often and don't have many photos, and need to work on this.

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Bill the Girl said...

That tea pot is exceptional! If you had a tea shop I would come and drink tea every morning. Even if I had to drive out of the way! :)