Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New venue, new date, new everything...well almost anyway.

Okay, a lot has happened since I last posted.  We now have a new venue.  We have chosen The Sand Plum at the Victor Building in Guthrie, OK.  Also, we have a new date, May 29, 2010.  Kris and I were going to go see The Dominion House and we figured that while we were already in Guthrie, we would look at the Sand Plum as well.  We went to the Sand Plum first, fell in love, and the Dominion House couldn't compare. 

I'm way more excited about this place than I ever was about stupid Coles Garden.  We are still crossing our fingers that we get our deposit back.

On a lighter note, my dress is here!!!!!!!  I only need to add a bustle, get it hemmed, and one other thing, otherwise it fits like a glove. 

And, I went and added a whole lot of stuff to the website....

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Bill the Girl said...

WOW! It's lovely. No doubt the wedding will be sensational! Congratulations, now you can rest easy. :)