Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shoes and more

Okay, so I'm working on the save the date ideas and Kris and I were thinking about using one of my paintings, and I like the idea of magnets so we'll see. Even though we are not using the color orange, this painting holds significance. Before Kris and I had met, I had this painting in an art show and told him about the show. He went fearing the worst and hoping that I wouldn't be some crazy artist who paints pregnant ladies with fish in their bellies...oh wait I am... And, this is the painting he saw, phew.
On a different note...
I really need to set a date with a florist just to throw my ideas out there.

And onto shoes... I want to do the blue shoe thing, and when I was ordering boots the other day for my Halloween costume (which is awesome by the way,) here is a hint...I came across two cheap blue pairs and of course bought them both. I'm not sure they are what I am wanting, but truth is I don't really care that much about my shoes. Out of the two pairsI like the ones on the left better, but they are not as comfortable as the ones on the right. So, I'll probably save the ones on the left in case I can't find anything better and wear the ones on the right the next time I go out! My one reader, Bellagio, what do you think? I would put a photo of my dress up here, I'm pretty sure Kris doesn't read this, but in the off-hand chance he might one day I won't. A little tradition never hurt anybody.


crys said...

i love the shoes on the right!!!
(most cute shoes are never comfortable. ha)

crys said...

wait. i meant the other right.
(hey - i was highly medicated & sleep-deprived.)
but the shoes on the actual right are cute, too :)

Bill the Girl said...

Ok, so I like the patent leather shoes. They seem more formal but if you think you will be running around while you're in your dress you better go for the comfort. I'm such a creeper when it comes to blogs :)

Tradition is good. It's all about balance!