Monday, August 03, 2009

Post Wedding

The trip was a lot of fun. Not a big fan of Virginia though, everything seemed like a big hassle and the traffic was awful and kind of ghetto. Where we stayed it was really nice though and it was really fun getting to see everyone. The wedding was for one of Kris' high school friends. The wedding was really sweet and the dj let me get my shout on.I do know that at my wedding I definitely want all of that cheesy crappy wedding music played, like Shout and the Electric Slide and the Hokey Pokey, heck yes, bring those on. You only get to dance to them once in a wedding dress!
I love Kris' friends though, when I met them I knew I wanted them to be my friends forever too.

I did take home a pretty awful souvenir in the form of a sunburn from Virgina Beach. The beach was a lot of fun, thanks to Angela for giving us directions to a good one! All in all, it was a blast! Oh, and I spent too much money. OH well!

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