Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Initial Meeting at Coles Garden

So, we had our initial meeting at Coles Garden to see what we had done and whatnot.
Here's how the meeting went...

her-"Our minister..."
me-"We're not going to use your minister."
her-"Our ceremony music..."
me-"We're not going to use your ceremony music."
her-"Our baker..."
me-"We're bringing in our own baker for the cake."
her-"Our DJ..."
me-"We're not going to use your DJ."
her-"Well, we changed our policy and we no longer allow outside DJs."
me-"Well, you told us we could have our own DJ."
her-"Oh yeah, I guess there is a note here saying that. We changed the policy that day because we had an outside DJ do a wedding and it was awful and reflected poorly on us."
me-"Well, I talk to Kris."

I do feel like I'm kinda being a Bridezilla, but I also feel like I'm not asking for much, and its our wedding so if we want to pay extra to bring in all our own things, I think they should let us. It's our choice not theirs. And, the wedding should reflect us not them.

-We know a DJ, who is Kris' good friend. And, he has done weddings before
-My sister is going to do the photography for basically free. With the help of an assistant since she is also one of the maids of honor. FrannieandCakePhotography.
-My sister's friend is a really awesome cook and baker, so she will make our cake. Plus who really remembers the cake anyway, unless its really bad or really good?
-Kris knows a lot of musicians so hopefully one will be willing to play some acoustic guitar at the ceremony, instead of their lame keyboardist, who I heard was really cheesy.
-And, we're going to use the same judge who married my Mom and Stepdad, who is a friend of the family.
-We also want to bring in specialty cheeses from Forward Foods, and I had to fight for that as well even though they already told me they'd let me do it.

I guess to get what you want in a weddings its worth fighting for, but really annoying.

Still need to get on the ball with...
-and talk to all of the people we know above again.

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Bill the Girl said...

As if planning the wedding isn't enough...then you have the venue back pedaling on their word, Shameful! I hope everything runs smoothly from here-on-out. Nothing wrong with standing your ground! Good Luck!