Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Minor setback...since my Mom is a teacher and has been in school until now I think she just now started to think about wedding plans, and is freaking out. A lot. With deciding on the Myriad Gardens we do have to everything from catering, to cleanup, to decorations, to booze. Now that she has had time on her hands to think this through she is thinking it is too much work, plus with it being outside in Oklahoma in April, is stressing her out. Especially all the finer details.

Perks of Myriad are
-we have control of everything
-allowed to bring in our own booze
-outside is awesome

Drawbacks are
-parking is a bitch
-inside not so hot for a ceremony inside, if it rains
-finding catering
-finding flowers
-finding etc.

She has now decided that despite the higher price tag of Coles Garden, they might be the better choice because they do everything for you. It will make our wedding more expensive, but I told her if her sanity is worth a couple thousand extra dollars then its worth it. But, all of use are going to have to think about it. Sigh. And, we have to decide by the end of the month because she has a meeting with the Myriad to sign contracts.

I knew things were going too smoothly.

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