Friday, June 19, 2009

and more dresses...

So, the dress is officially paid for and ordered!

I went and tried my two favorites once again just to make sure and it confirmed what I thought, so we ordered and paid for it. Its the Enzoani gown from before and stunning. When we went to the bridal shop I mention bridesmaid dresses and then they had Ande try on a few, and I decided on my bridesmaid dresses as well. (I had some in mind already.) They are Mori Lee gowns and I decided on 784 in Vintage Silver taffeta. You can go to the link and change the color to the last switch. Also, you can add the halter and see it there. Otherwise this is the wrong color, but its the dress.
On a different note, we went to Coles Garden today for another visit. And, we are 90% sure that we are going to change the wedding and have it there. That means the wedding date will change too. Kris and I have two anniversaries one is our first date which was April 19, and then the day we had "the talk" date which was Cinco de Mayo. So, at Cole's Garden the date would be April 24, 2010. Right between our anniversaries which I think is perfect. They have three different gardens but we would have to use the Royal garden since we are going to have 150+ people. And, Kris and I like the walled in garden for a more intimate feel.

Keep in mind my colors are light pink, gray, and white(because that is the color of linens Coles uses) with lime green accents.

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