Monday, July 19, 2010


Now, that I don't have a wedding consuming my life, and that I have decided I hate my job, I have started painting again, for me.  Though, I'm very grateful I have a job with benefits, its just "the needs of the business are changing," and I'm not as happy there as I once was.  I'm going to still work hard and do my best when I'm there, since I do have morals, I just won't like it as much as I used to.  Plus, I only have one more year there anyway.

Back to the paintings.  I've decided to do a series based of one of my paintings from years ago, and work towards getting about 8 done for a show of some sort.  Maybe, at this local tea shop in town.  Cross your fingers. 

All of them are going to be in this style, very simple, with white backgrounds, and different types of goldfish.

Here's the one I'm working on now, sorry about the quality, I took the photo on my phone.

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Bill the Girl said...

New stuff is terrific! Can't wait to see more. Let me know if you have a show.