Monday, January 04, 2010


hmm, well I think I really need to sit down and get all my wedding stuff done.  Really, I only need to...

go to the florist...and decide on a florist... 
And, order my bridesmaid dresses! 
And, get my shoes that I'm going to walk down the aisle in.
And, order invitations.  Kris and I have decided to nix the "save the dates" and just send our invites early.  Whatever. 
Start holding rooms in Guthrie, how many do we need and where, since it will now be during Memorial Day weekend.
Umm...Officially decide on a cake and talk to Monica about it.  Same goes for Kris.
Work on a Cheesy Slide Show of Kris and Me.
Decide which amazing cheeses we will have from Forward Foods.
Figure out what song I want played in acoustic guitar down the aisle to.
Go get my dress altered.
Think about booze.
Make Kris think about tuxes.
Try to stay the exact weight I am now! 

I think that is most of it...

Yikes!  New Year here we come!  Wedding here we come!


Ronald said...
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Bill the Girl said...

Happy New Year! Your hair is getting so long! It looks lovely. That's quite a laundry list but really, it seems like you have most of the big stuff complete. Good Luck!