Tuesday, January 19, 2010


All of the bridesmaid dresses are ordered! They look like this except they are a dark gray and will have a halter.  And, I have picked out their shoes!!!

For my shoes, you may remember I had ordered two pairs and really liked neither of them.  So, for round two, I loved both pairs of shoes I ordered!  And, these photos do neither of these shoes any justice. The first shoes are the ones I will be wearing down the aisle.  They are definitely not so business-like and way more sparkly and a bright silver in person.  And, I really liked the dark gray ones, but comparing the two in person, no comparison.  Plus, I love pointed-toe shoes and feel more comfortable in them.

I also, brought my dress home so that it is staring me in the face to remind me to get a bustle put in and and few more little fixes.

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Bill the Girl said...

It's all just stunning! It's getting so close. Excitement is mounting!