Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wedding Venues Round II

So, the Skirvin was okay, I had my sister with me who has taken photos for them so they offered me $2,000 off and gave me a free ashtray with candy in it from B.C. Clarks. Ha. Still, $8,000 for just the reception is too much money.

Myriad Gardens went well, I just have too many guests to do an inside wedding in the garden, though I could do an outside wedding. The only problem with that is that Oklahoma weather is crazy. Ideally I would like an outside wedding, so cross your fingers. Still looking a venues for the reception, the reception area in the Myriad was pretty awesome for the Crystal Bridge, but not so cool for outside weddings. Sigh, still more places to look for.

Civic Center Music Hall, and
Will Rogers Theatre,
here I come, and I still like the Public Market a lot as well.

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