Sunday, March 29, 2009


Who knew finding the right wedding venue and reception would be so hard? For some reason I feel like I am a lot more picky than other people. Or maybe most people get married in churches and I want an outside wedding in a garden. And, I want a really cool modern venue for a reception but still be romantic, no bows on my chairs please. So, I guess if I were to become a bridezilla it would be about this. I have seen 4 different places, I do have a favorite, but have mixed feelings.

-Cole's Garden was too expensive, but not ruled completely out. They have some really cool gardens.
-The Hamilton Event Center was too small, and overpriced for how small it was. But, for a smaller wedding than ours would make a good reception.
-Castle Falls was too rude, the lady didn't even introduce herself to us. Plus, they have a lot of really weird and strict rules. But, the castle, grounds, and history of the place was really cool.
-The Farmer's Public Market was a little ghetto on the outside, but really awesome on the inside, and the customer service was amazing.

I have noticed that so far most wedding venues are located in ghetto areas, some of them just hide it better than others.

Next on the list to see are the Myriad Botanical Gardens and the Skirvin, and then perhaps some places in Guthrie. Sigh, this is hard. I just have too high of expectations I suppose.

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