Wednesday, February 07, 2007

no more myspace? and ruts but no ruts.

So, my painting has reached a new level I believe, I just wish ceramics was the same. I have hit a rut. I threw three things tonight, none of which I kept. Which is good and bad. Right now my painting is kicking my ceramics ass, and its frustrating. It happens though, I just hope it doesn't last too long. I feel like I need a break already and things really haven't even begun in there. Thank goodness my paintings and serigraphs are doing well, I might go crazy and think I has chosen the wrong major if they sucked as well. But, I am very happy with my new series.

Also, I think I got kicked off of Myspace because my paintings were too risque'. No e-mail saying why or that my account has been deleted, just gone. Weird.

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