Wednesday, February 21, 2007

new painting and out of the rut!

The Three Goldfish

And, I'm officially out of my ceramics rut. I think anyway. I actually feel better in general, being a ceramics rut was highly depressing especially since I plan on going to grad school for ceramics. And, really I think I was just a little depressed in general, and I think I was just being more intimate with my paintings and serigraphs if that makes sense, but I wasn't carrying that over into my pottery. I'm being more open with my pottery, but also this semester Jane is being a hardcore critique. I like that she is and I think its good for me, it just would be nice to hear you've gotten better. The other day all of the independent study people got together with V'lou and I told her I was in a rut, and then showed her what I did and she said I'm getting better. Which was what I needed, so really having two ceramics teachers is really good for me, one to push me and one to love me, hahaha.

But, anyway I do feel a lot better just overall.

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