Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ah, serigraphy

Normally, I only create a post when I have artwork to post as well, because then what else to I have to talk about? I don't really want to talk about my personal life which leaves me to talk about my art life sort of personally. But, it is different when it comes to my art I suppose. So, I have taken photos of a few of my screen prints.
This was my very first one, very simple and clean.
This was actually my third print and first try at a reduction print, I had many difficulties, but just took them as they came and went with it.
I will try and post my latest reduction, which was way more successful and I am now the master of screen filler. My next project in class will be a coloring book play on coloring book images, since I seem to enjoy printing coloring book images, I will make my own. After that it is on to t-shirts. But, this will be the busiest week of my life from here on until next Thursday, but after that I will enjoy a short freedom, including my birthday.

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