Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Salt Fired, B-mix vase

So, Fuego Friday was a blast. Michelle and I kicked some major ass working the Raku kiln, and got our asses kicked by it. We were tired, though not tired enough to not go out smelling like fire and brimstone afterwards. We managed to have three Raku runs, with only small glitches, as in me tripping over the bars to the cage a few times, and when Michelle and I were in the thick of Rakuing. We were put the glowing orange pots into buckets of newspaper, so there were flames all over the place when Stu walked by and stepped on the hose making it shoot water in our faces. I think both of us about jumped out of our skins, I thought I got hit in the face with fire, and apparently Michelle did too. But, alas, it was jut water and we probably just looked like idiots to our audience. Working the Raku kiln to an audience was interesting. Every time we lifted the cage of and people saw they pots hot red we got oo's and awe's. The boys were working the wood kiln nonstop, and were exhausted by the end of the night, but it was cool to watch. They deserve the badass award. Also, we got to shovel in salt in the salt kiln, which was interesting and we cooked some good s'mores. I enjoyed it and am ready for another.

The Iron Pour did not go as planned to due technical difficulties and they finally poured iron at about three in the morning when there was no more audience, at least the ceramics department has its shit together. I had so much fun.

Also, had a critique in painting today, went well...
Pregnant Seahorse Belly

Halloween tonight, as always it is cold on Halloween, and great.

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