Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dodo Bird

This one is a low-fired white clay piece. I just finished firing it about a week ago.
I brought home a ton of ceramic pieces today. Mostly small things I had made on the wheel, to practice. I think I am finally beginning to get the hang of the wheel. I say this and then of course I will do bad next time, but we all have good and bad days. Someone told me that a person has to throw for seven years to be considered not a beginner, which gives me hope. Lately, I have been doing asymmetrical tea bowls, which my professor says she likes asymmetrical, so hey. I actually like them too, but I would like to do symmetrical things as well. Next time, I will be throwing with way more clay than normal, so that should be interesting, and challenging. Though that is what I like about ceramics, the challenge, the fact that your favorite piece could go completely wrong in the kiln or with the wrong glaze, just the fact that you can only control so much, there is no guarantee on anything really. Makes things interesting. I have links up now, not all of my pieces are on there, as in, the ones other people have, but I hope to get those eventually as well, I'll just have to track them down. But, the link is on the right if anyone is interested.


Ande said...

I love the dodo...very cute. Sometimes I think you are too hard on yourself about your art. Half of the stuff you hate I love. Like my vase, I love it and you said it was ugly.

kate said...

I think I am too hard too, but I think its good to be that way in the art world, so I don't get too hurt.