Sunday, April 02, 2006

art showing

Recently I entered two pieces in the 92nd Annual Student Ehibition at The Fred Jones Art Museum in Norman, and both of my pieces were accepted. This was the first time I have ever entered anything, so I was and still am very excited. They will be shown until April 23, if you have a chance to go up and see the students work, I recommend it. These are perhaps our future artists. This is one of the two I entered, this is a mixed media piece made with pamplets from my old church, fabric for the trees and acrylic paints. The title is The Church and its Words. My other piece was a ceramic piece, and I will put a photo up when I get one.

Getting into the art show actually inspired me to do more painting. After taking a class with a horrible professor, I had been quite discouraged. But, the fact that I had gotten both of the two that I entered has boosted my confidence quite a bit. I have started painting again, after not painting for about 3 months, and am glad that I am painting again. I'm slightly stumped in ceramics, though I know I will figure what to do next in time. I feel inbetween projects and don't really have a direction in mind. I need to sit down and think things through but am normally distracted by the computer and tv. I think maybe writing about it will help, even though I am on the computer, and hopefully, I will get back on track again.

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