Friday, April 18, 2008

being green

This has nothing to do with my art, but I was stumbling and came across an article about how Starbucks employees think it is a hassle when customers bring their own mugs or the starbucks reusable ones. I have personally come across this in using my own canvas bags for shopping. The other day, I put my canvas tote on the conveyor belt in front of my food at Braum's, so the girl would see if before the food. The girl just pushed it to the side and started to bag my food in a paper sack, when I explained that I wanted to use my bag, I then had to bag it myself because she was confused by this. Mostly this is just a rant on how hard it is to be green when it should be so easy. Its just like any other bag, and helping in a small amount, and every little bit counts.

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