Sunday, January 20, 2008

the end is near!

School has started and I am so busy. I feel like this is my busiest semester ever, and it probably is. Advanced painting is harder, I have my capstone paper and the show to work on, and ceramics! Oh, and my class that has nothing to do with art, but lots of reading and papers! Then, it is the end of me being at OU. Weird, but its time.

Also, I have taken the time to take some photos!
"Taking the Cat for a Walk"
32" x 24"

"Cat's View of Mug"
24" x 24"

"Strawberry Sleeps Wherever She Wants"
24" x 18"

"Sky Blue Bowl"
Salt Fired Stoneware

This past semester I was painting the relationship that Strawberry and I have together. And, how to paint that was the hard part. The "Mug" painting is her mug from her view and in colors that she would see. I tried to show things we did and I tried to paint a portrait of our relationship not the animal. In ceramics I was experimenting with salt glazes and creating my own glazes, I added photos to the albums on the right.

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