Monday, September 17, 2007

Ow Ow, she's back

Okay, so my computer is down and will be for a while. It didn't crash it just wont charge and my battery is dead, so alas, no computer. I have a new painting and another piece that I will post photos of.This was an assignment for my painting class, where we were to do a piece, non-representational, and non-objective, but at the same time show us. And it also needed to have the measurements of our height. So, voila, it is done. A fish bowl covered in feathers. It has meaning, but you can figure that out.

Next, I'm working on a series this semester about pets, my fish and the problems they have caused are the reason I paint fish in the first place. So, I want to show pets and all the emotions that pets bring out in us and why we care about them so much.I took one with the flash, but the colors done really show, so there is another without the flash. Whatever, enjoy.

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