Monday, August 21, 2006

Back to it

School is back in session and I can't be happier. I feel as though I am super lucky and that everyone else is missing out on my major. All I do is play all day it seems and learn about really exciting things and create stuff. I feel like I shouldn't be getting credit for having so much fun, when so many other people complain about their majors and classes and whatnot. Now, I do actually have to study for art history classes, but still, it is a small price to pay for being really happy with where I am and with what I want to do with my life.

Over the summer I took a one a week ceramics class at and art center and learned more and I am getting better. Its tough work really, and challenges me, and I get frustrated, but it is also calming and I feel as though I have accomplished something great.

I am taking a class where I get to see all the behind the scenes fun stuff and get down and dirtier. (Though I am always dirty after class) I think my ceramics classes will be fun and definitely challenging, so many projects, but it will be fun too.

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