Tuesday, May 02, 2006

you've got it

Tony Tiger has said one thing to me that shows he might be more insightful than I thought. Maybe it was a fluke. Too bad it didn't come in time for me to like him or give him a good teacher review. He had given me a high B because I don't push myself enough. He told me that I've got it, I just never truly complete something and I could do more. This is a competitive world, and I've got what it takes, just not the drive I suppose. Which looking back on this semester of drawing is true. I have experimented more than I thought I would, but nothing more than that. I just wish he had told me at the beginning instead of the end of class. I can do another drawing and I will, this time actually trying. Though, not entirely happy about it I understand. I suppose I can't just glide through on not trying, eh?

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